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Public Addressing

The public sound information system to inform and send message to the com munity.

14 September, 2016

Access control

Control the access of the building and lift.

14 September, 2016

Fire Alarm

Automatic system to detect and alarm in case of fire.

14 September, 2016

Intrusion alarm system

Detect and alarm in case of intrusion to assure security for your area.

14 September, 2016

Audio conferencing system

Usefull for conferences and meetings, able to integrate with interpretation system.

14 September, 2016

Video Conferencing system

The system transfers both audio and video data between two or several terminals through network to stimulate real conference conditions.

14 September, 2016


The internal communication system usually applied for apartment building, lift, and parking area.

14 September, 2016


The satellite or cable television system using data directly from the broadcaster or the service supplier.

14 September, 2016